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vmlxb6 January 23, 2011 14:07

[ICEM] Import of NACA rpofile in ICEM
i HAVE THESE naca Profiles BUT WHEN i GO TO IMPORT THeM IN icem, IT DOES NOT SHOW ANYTHING. I get a msg of nothing visible.

CAn anyone help out pls

gajemon January 24, 2011 03:43

What is format and size of import file?
What is simulation system it was made?

vmlxb6 January 24, 2011 11:20

The format is .dat file. The size of the file is hardly 3 KB.

gajemon January 25, 2011 03:08

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.dat file is not supported format. The size is very small. Probably, you have no data generally.
You need to generate another format in 3d modelling system, namely one of shown on the pic
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PSYMN January 29, 2011 20:52

The format of the text file is probably the issue... Check that your format aligns with the requirements...

Or perhaps you just don't have the display right...

Are your points turned on? Is your part turned on? If you check the message window, does it say anything about how many points were created?

vmlxb6 March 4, 2011 10:32

The file had the (x,y) co-ordinates. the z co-ordinate was missing, which is 0.

Thank you all.

Simon- I have been reading your post and comments for quite some time now. You are amazing dude. Hats off to you.

PSYMN March 4, 2011 14:40

I think you need the third row...
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I think you need the third row, even if it is just a column of zeros...

Here are some examples (attached).

vmlxb6 March 4, 2011 17:01

@ Simon
Ya..thats right............ I figured it out later.

Anyways thanks for the replay file. ADIOS

kingie007 January 23, 2012 13:22

i made use of the zipped Naca profile,have been battling with this for about four hours but now i had a have breakthrough,thanks a lot)))

AshwaniAssam October 23, 2013 02:26

I was not giving z-co-ordinates, thus nothing was visible while importing the geometry.

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