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gajemon January 24, 2011 04:12

merge two hexa meshes
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Hello all!
I've generated two 3D hexa meshes from surface mesh with extrude by rotation (in pic shown only surface meshes)
Attachment 6182 Attachment 6183 Attachment 6184

How can I merge these meshes?

Thanks in advance

PSYMN January 29, 2011 20:49

Do you mean you want to merge the flow region with the solid? They look like they are already merged node for node. You can confirm this by zooming in and turning on the node numbers (right click on mesh in the display tree). You will see that there is only one node between the two regions (not a duplicate with overlapping node numbers). If you do find duplicates, but things are aligned, you could just merge all nodes with a small or even zero tolerance to take care of that...

If I am not understanding your need, please try again. What do you want to merge with what?

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