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bobus.aurelius February 2, 2011 11:18

Meshing Linear Cascade in TGrid

I'm new to turbomachinery. I was wondering if it is possible to mesh a linear cascade in TurboGrid. If so, then how?

Thanks and regards

bobus.aurelius February 3, 2011 08:32

Would really appreciate some help guys

BrolY February 3, 2011 09:22

You should start with the tutorials.
Then try to mesh by yourself.
And then, come back here with your questions/issues by showing us pictures.

Good luck !

bobus.aurelius February 3, 2011 10:31

Thanks a lot! I have gone through the tutorials and am able to mesh with Turbogrid but I wasn't able to find a way to solve my problem.

I will try to make my question a little more specific. I am trying to simulate the flow through a HP NGV linear cascade. The geometry and experimental results that I'll use for validation are from the VKI LS-89 test case.

In this case, my hub and shroud geometries are basically flat plates and the instances of the blade need to be repeated linearly and not in an annular fashion. The picture below shows the kind of thing I'm going for (although the final topology maybe different).

Turbogrid doesn't let me load the blade geometry without the hub and shroud. And as soon as I load points that would make up the corners of the flat plates for the hub and shroud, TurboGrid rotates them into a disk.

My primary question is can TurboGrid mesh linear cascades? If it can then I am prepared to spend time on finding the solution (although a few pointers would be well appreciated).

I don't know if my question is clear or even worthy of a response even now.

Thanks again though.

Jack001 August 23, 2016 13:14

Did you find a solution to this? It indeed would be nice if TG could produce simple cascades

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