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code_source February 2, 2011 11:23

Create face from edges
I have two edges that do not touch and I want to create a face from these edges.
On Gambit, I used the skin function and it works well:

face create skin "edge.20" "edge.28" directions 0 0
The difficultie with DesignModeler is that makes "skin" using sketches not edges.

if anyone has an idea, it will help me a lot.

Thank you

PSYMN February 5, 2011 14:35

The skin/loft command will work from named selections as well as sketches. You could select the edges of your faces (with the edge selection mode), right click and create named selections... Then try the skin command referencing those named selections instead of sketches.

There is also an option from one of the pull downs to create a surface from edges, but I am not sure if it works with an open set like that.

Sorry I have not actually tried these lately (I don't have the software up in front of me) but I know they are there and they are worth a shot.

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