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lev1athan February 2, 2011 12:39

Problematic Geometry- meshing with enclosure.
Hi guys!

Im trying to get CFD Analysis done with Ansys 12.1 through a section of a passenger aircraft cabin (15 rows of seats) which i modeled using Solid Edge ST.
The Cabin Geometry meshes successfully by itself, but when i create an 'enclosure' around it in the Design modeler i get a 'Problematic Geometry' error everytime with a random seat in the cabin.

I want to sucessfully simulate flow in FLUENT, by selecting one face of the enclosure as the Velocity inlet and the other face as the velocity outlet, but creating an enclosure around the geometry gives an error with the meshing everytime! However if i place an enclosure around a single seat or two, the geometry meshes sucessfully, but i need to simulate flow through the entire cabin.

Is there anyway i can get around this error?

PSYMN February 3, 2011 12:08

Contact tech support.
Sorry, not enough info to help you...

I suggest contacting tech support thru the customer portal or thru

You may need to send them the model for the quickest solution.

Best regards,


rlipper1 February 24, 2012 17:24

I know this post is a year old, but I wanted to add a suggestion to anyone else who might have a similar problem. First, make sure you "add frozen" under the operation menu (default is "add material") of the object you either imported or created in Designmodeler. If you did that, I also found that saving my CAD files as Parasolid makes a lot of "Problematic Geometry" errors go away when I import them. My experience is still limited, but maybe this post might help someone. Good Luck!

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