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geekynerd February 3, 2011 22:30

So neophytic: 2nd day on Workbench
I click on geometry but then the ensuing pop-up often does not show new geometry as an option

I selected the ZX plane sketch and I got the the z axis arrow to point up but the x axis arrow to points left and I would like to point to the right !

Don't know how to deactivate the rectangle mode once I created a rectangle

I click on an edge of the rectangle at some point and program asks for a second point on the edge but when I do so, it tells me to select the first point. So I am back to square one.

Rather dumb questions for a former programmer but if I get past this hurdle then I can get started.
Any reply welcome. :confused::(

geekynerd February 8, 2011 17:04

help files not very intuitve
thanks everybody I fiddled around on my own for hours and I eventually figured out but it was not obvious at all. their help menu is really too sketchy.

How about something easy: can somebody help me with modifying the angle of a 2D chamfer? I know you click on the chamfer but to specify an angle you have to specify 2 edges . so what about the first one?

geekynerd February 10, 2011 17:49

Just forget it CFD people
To all of you future DesignModelers users, the answer is simple. Go back and forth between reading the Ansys Help file and experimenting with DesignModeler until the logic of it as conceived by its developers sinks
into your head. I am just warning you that if you have no prior CAD/CAM experience, it is going to take you quite some time. :mad:

PSYMN February 10, 2011 21:36

Sorry for your pain.
Sorry about that... :o

It took me a while to get going when I started also, but it really is quite a powerful tool once you figure it out... Wait until you get to multiple parts and need to understand "freeze/unfreeze" :eek: (A tutorial will really be a good idea first).

I am not actually in that group, but I know they really are working on streamlining it and improving the help for the next release. Try the tutorials, and then please contact tech support next time you get really stuck. Even academic users qualify for tech support.

Best regards,


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