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Lilly February 4, 2011 10:59

complex geometry/structured hexahedral mesh
I want to mesh a tricky geometry: it’s a vessel (reconstructed from MRI/CT data) having a „non-round“ cross section, an uneven surface, variations in diameter and several bifurcations. Do you have any idea how I could generate a structured hexahedral mesh for this kind of geometry using Gambit or TGrid? I failed several times doing it…
If it’s not possible, do you have any hint for a good open source software I could use?
Thanks a million for your help!

PSYMN February 5, 2011 15:16

ICEM CFD Hexa is the best tool for this. It has advantages such as very flexibly geometry import, patch independence, a flexible blocking topology layer that elastically projects to the geometry and can be easily tweaked or fit to other similar geometries, easily inserted OGrids (boundary layers), support for really large models (if you need that), the ability to create sub topologies and then assemble them later, interactive mesh/blocking diagnostic and editing tools, scripting, output to a wide variety of solver formats, etc.

By far the best tool available for biomedical applications requiring structured hexa.

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