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saisanthoshm88 February 4, 2011 22:30

No quads after prism meshing
After making a Prism mesh from an existing Tet mesh in ICEM I dont see the element type "quad" appearing in Model tree-->shells. I'm only left with the element types: Triangles, Tetrahedra and prisms after the prism mesh generation. Because there are no quads at all there are no pyramids obviously.

Of course as regards the quality of the mesh, I dont have any issues.

Can some one please provide me a clarification.

PSYMN February 5, 2011 14:04

No worries.
You should only expect quads where prisms grow up along the side of a wall. Not having them is more a result of your topology than an indication that something went wrong.

There are many situations where prism wouldn't result in any quads at all; for instance, if you used prisms on all the surfaces of a closed vessel, there would be no quads expected.

On the other hand, if you prismed the pipe, but not the inlet or outlet, you would expect some quads around the perimeter of the inlet and outlet (the sides of the prisms).

No worries. :cool:

saisanthoshm88 February 6, 2011 06:28

oh, Thanks for the clarification Simon :)

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