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Teja February 5, 2011 09:09

Having several dificulties with 3d airfoil meshing in ICEM CFD
I am trying to mesh a 3d symmetrical airfoil in ICEM CFD, but the problem is i am a complete beginner and i went through a few tutorials,but still couldnt find the right solution.

I have not understood the blocking mechanism used,i would really be grateful to anyone who could help me out here.

Teja February 5, 2011 09:21

well i am sorry i wasnt clear on the first post, actually i have created the geometry and when i imported it ,it is constituted of surfaces,so while blocking when i create the block i dont understand what needs to be associated with what and its importance.....

ad281 February 8, 2011 16:28

What solver programme are you using?

ad281 February 9, 2011 09:54

This should show you everything you need to know.

dfitz1000 February 14, 2011 15:26

I would be interested to know this also, I have been trying to do it for a long time and nobody has been able to point me in the right direction so far.

The youtube tutorial posted above is great and very helpful, but it's in 2-D and I'm looking to mesh an airfoil (simple NACA-0012 square wing) in 3-D so I can look at the wing tip vortices.

dfitz1000 February 16, 2011 13:42

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Ok so as nobody seems to be able to answer this, I have been playing around with this for quite a while and I eventually managed to get a volume mesh of the area around my wing.

So for the benefit of the OP and other people who may be in the same situation I was (complete beginner, no idea where to start) here's the steps I took to get my mesh. Just note that I have no idea if this is the "correct" approach to use or not, but at least it will give some sort of mesh, good or bad.

1) So the first step I took was to import my airfoil into ICEM. The format required for the .txt files in order to import them is explained in the youtube video referenced above in this thread. I have 2 .txt files, one where all the Z-coordinates are 0 and one where all the Z-coordinates are 0.25 (the span of my wing). I let ICEM import the points and draw curves through these points but not surfaces, and I called the part WING. See picture 1.

2) Next, I created two curves representing the leading and trailing edges shown as the red lines in picture 2. I also created top, bottom and wingtip surfaces using the "From 2-4 curves" method. These curves and surfaces are also in the WING part.

3) Then I created 8 points by inputting XYZ coordinates. These points are the corners of the box that will contain the wing. I made sure that one face of this box has the same Z-coordinates as one of my airfoils which were imported. This means that the wing will effectively be "attached" to one wall of the box, as I couldn't get the volume mesh to work when the wing was just "floating" inside the box. I join these points with curves and then create surfaces which will be the walls of the box. For one of these surfaces I create an INLET part, another and OUTFLOW part and the rest are in the FF part (same part as the points and curves which were created). See picture 3.

4) Next I set the global element seed size (arbitrarily) to 0.5 under the Global Mesh Parameters tab (picture 4). I then went to Compute Mesh, Volume Mesh and clicked Compute. As you can see in picture 5, the seed size was too large to mash the wing surface properly so I went to Part Mesh Setup and set the max size on the WING part to 0.05 (picture 6, next post). The resulting mesh is in picture 7 (next post).

dfitz1000 February 16, 2011 13:48

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There are more steps that I took to refine the mesh, for example I am interested in the wingtip vortices, so I created a curve that joins the wingtip to the OUTFLOW face and made a finer mesh along this curve.

Here are the final two pictures from the post above.

enriccasas October 29, 2011 08:37

Thank you very much mate.

It will be useful for me :)

olybeast May 9, 2012 08:05

Thanks a lot for this little guide, bookmarked!

kvnlakshmi July 11, 2012 01:50

3D mesh generation in icemcfd
I have created 3D mesh in ICEMCFD. The geometry is imported through STEP translator. After mesh generation, i was getting extra materials which are displayed on part model tree. How these parts are elemeneted.

cfd seeker July 11, 2012 09:40

It happens when you don't define "FLUID" part before computing mesh so that "CREATED MATERIAL" gets formed during mesh generation and appears in Parts Tree but its not a matter to worry about as it does not affect anything.


kvnlakshmi July 12, 2012 01:29

3D mesh generation in icemcfd
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Thank You Sir for your reply,
I have tried mesh by adding FLUID element. But the thingis only half of the body is generating mesh. Remaining half remaing as it is.
When i don't use FLUID element then entire body is generating mesh. I wanding images of the mesh. Please go throu it.

kvnlakshmi July 12, 2012 01:58

3D mesh generation in icemcfd
I have one more dbout what is the difference between Curv12 and tmp0012 curve. When i want trim surface through curve. When we select the curves first Cur12 get selected, then no trim takes place. We cannot delete the surface. In the next step when we select the curves then tmp0012 curves get selected . them the trim takes place and selected surface can be delated. Why?

malik January 23, 2013 08:00


Does any have the 3D mesh of ONERA M6 wing that i can open in ICEM. I need both coarse and fine mesh. If any has it, can you plz send it on ( I need it urgently

mechiebud February 23, 2015 14:01

I tried to do as it is shown in the tutorial but in pre mesh instead of getting the grid, I am getting only horizontal lines. Could you please help me out with that?

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