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jdfortune February 7, 2011 05:40

mesh not alligned with edge ?
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The problem I am facing is that when i mesh the edge, the node does not follow exactly the edge line (not alligned). This creates negative volume when i mesh the face =(.

Picture is attached with this post.

I would appreciate it if any expert is willing to help =)

-mAx- February 8, 2011 02:40

your exact line, is the one with the nodes.
Indeed you describe your edge with more "resolution" than your topology line, which is a "simple" representation.
I think your problem may come from your Aspect Ratio, you have very streteched cells (near walls)

jdfortune February 8, 2011 09:02

thanks Max, muxh appreciated =).

So do you suppose that i shorten the length or increase the height ? or both?

-mAx- February 8, 2011 09:09

I assume your first cell height (in the BL) is given because of y+, so you only have the possibility to add more nodes along your edge.

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