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MikeTichondrius February 8, 2011 14:31

[FLUENT] 2D Geometry problem when exporting to Fluent - Unwanted walls
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Good evening,

First of all let me make it clear that I'm a newbie at CFD, this being my first project that requires it, I've so far successfully managed to solve the problems I've faced, but this one has me baffled, I'm afraid!

I've worked using ICEM on a 2D mesh to solve as an axisymmetrical problem. My geometry consists of a vertical cylinder with 2 annular inlets and an outlet which is also annular.I separated the geometry into various rectangular surfaces as shown in the attachment, and then meshed each line in order to obtain a structured mesh.

Now, the trouble sprung when trying to export the mesh to Fluent. I used the output menu to do this. When opening the results in Fluent, it happened that some of the curves I used to define the mesh density showed up as boundaries in Fluent, with the names geom, geom:002 and geom002:shadow. These boundaries group several lines within themselves, seemingly at random, INCLUDING some lines I've also defined as inlets and outlets. This obviously causes problems since I have found no way to delete them, or clear them from the boundary condition list.

Is this a problem with the way I've done things in ICEM or is it fixable in Fluent itself, as in, is there a way to define these lines as virtual (not sure what the proper designation would be here), and if so, won't it cause problems with the lines I DO want to apply BCs in?

Any help will be very much appreciated! Thank you in advance! :)

PSYMN February 9, 2011 14:31

You should have walls between different materials (fluids).

Did you mesh this with Hexa? In Hexa, associating edges to curves results in lines. you can delete these with mesh editing, but don't delete them if they separate two regions. Fluent expects line elements to separate regions or it will give a lot of errors and not import the mesh.


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