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Attesz February 9, 2011 09:25

Nodes on sides of the edges don't match
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Hi ICEM users,

i've a problem related do 2D mapped hexa meshing. There is an edge, where the nodes don't match. There are no multiple edges on each other, I've checked it. The vertices, edges are well associated to points and curves. But the nodes as you see on the pic, don't match. Do you have any suggestion excluded the fully rebuild of the model? :)

Thank you in advance,


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PSYMN February 10, 2011 21:20

A single edge can't have 2 distributions.
This doesn't seem right... A single edge can't have two distributions. Therefore that can't be a single edge.

Try a couple more things in the display tree to diagnose the problem.

Right click on Verticies and turn on "Numbers", this will make it easier to see overlaps because you will see overlapping numbers at the vertex.

Right click on Edges and turn on color by count. edges that connect two blocks should show up red. Yellow edges indicate a disconnect.

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