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coondason February 15, 2011 08:15

How to make a 3D mesh in Ansys

First of all, i'm new to Ansys.
I'm looking for help with creating an analysis in Ansys.
I want to investigate the flow of air around a 3d body.

I've constructed the body in Solidworks, and i want to import it to Ansys.
I know how to work with the 2D case, and i want to move to 3D.

Can you please give me a quick guide on how to that?
I'll try and figure out each step.

I think that the steps are:
1. Import the body to DM, and then create a box that represents a Control
2. Make the mesh.
3. Define the BC and analize.

Suppose that '1' is correct, how do i do it?

I Thank you very much, this forum is very helpful and great.

PSYMN February 16, 2011 09:32

Tools => Enclosure
In DM, using the top menu, Tools => Enclosure.

You can get it to create the farfield by prescribing a cushion around your model, or you can change the "Shape" to User defined, in which case it expects you to have a separate body you can select as the far field.

This will handle the boolean subtraction of all your other bodies from your enclosure and give you the fluid volume you need at the end.

If you are only interested in the fluid volume, you can then suppress your other parts.

I recommend some DM tutorials to get over the learning curve with minimal pain. Make a game of it. You will more than make up for the lost time and be less frustrated on your actual model.

coondason February 16, 2011 10:15

First of all, thank you.

What i've done so far is creating the body and the C.V (which is a box) in Solidworks.
Then I've imported this file to DM.
And now i'm trying to mesh it.

I know a few tutorials that deal with 2D meshing, but i cannot find the 3D case.
If you can help me by pointing out a good source or Example that is similar, i would be grateful.

Once again, Thank you.

PSYMN February 16, 2011 11:04

Customer Portal?
The best place to look for tutorials is the Customer Portal. The hard part is figuring out your login/password. For that, you first need to get the customer number from your license (or your school's license). Once you have that, you can apply for your own personal login...

coondason February 20, 2011 10:04


About these tutorials, i've gone over them, but they didn't help.

I don't understand how to make a Control Volume.

For example, in Internal Flow cases, they define one of the openings as the Inlet.
In 2D external, i did it, and it went extremly well.
But i can't find a guide on how to do this in 3D....

What i did so far is importing a sphere to DM including a 'box' as a CV which is made from surfaces.
I ran the mesh, and i got a mesh over the sphere and over the surfaces, but not i between.
further more, i used "named selection" on the surfaces i've imported, but then it has a problem with its Geometry reference.


sac February 20, 2011 19:08

The ANSYS Mesher takes will give a volume mesh when it is given a geometric volume. If you give it a surface body then it will give you a surface mesh only.

Your box in Solidworks must be a surface body.

Simon already gave you the answer to this problem in his first post ("use an enclosure" in DM).

PSYMN February 21, 2011 00:56

SAC is totally right...

You could sew your surface bodies together into a solid and then use that solid as the custom enclosure, but it is probably just easier to make a solid in Solidworks (as its name suggests :rolleyes:) or just use the enclosure tool with some cushion.

coondason February 22, 2011 04:31

Thank you very much.
You've helped a lot.

**I'll probably open a new thread regarding post processing,
So you can keep in touch, :)

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