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skaboy607 February 18, 2011 07:22

Enclosure designmodeler

I have created an enclosure around a bluff body in designmodeler. The enclosure is air but I want to set an inlet and outlet named selection. When I do this and try to mesh, it comes up with an error because 2 faces etc share the same named selection?

Anyone done this before?


PSYMN February 19, 2011 14:12

No, two faces can share the same named selection... I could have 1000 faces on my inlet. the problem is when one face has multiple named selections...

CFD Boundary Conditions are mutually exclusive. Something can't be an inlet and a wall, you need to choose.

However, the FEA equivalent (Loads) often overlap. You could have a force, temperature and pressure all applied to the same face, no problem.

Since ANSYS Meshing supports both approaches, it allows overlapping (non exclusive) named selections. It is up to the CFD user to make sure they don't apply Named Selections inappropriately...

This video should help with setting up CFD named selections in ANSYS Meshing.

Since you already have named selections, you can left click on them one by one and look for overlaps, if you find any, just delete the named selection and create it properly. There may be a more automatic diagnostic, I just am not aware of it. I suspect that you put the faces of the enclosure in the fluid part instead of the body of the enclosure and it is these "FLUID" faces that are overlapping with your INLET and OUTLET faces.

Note: to be clear, you can have the body in one named selection (becomes a cell zone) and the faces of that body in another named selection (becomes boundary conditions), but you can't have one body in two named selections or one face in two named selections.

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