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newcomer February 21, 2011 22:22

Mesh quality and wall function in FLUENT - k-omega model

I am modeling the flow inside a flume of dimension 0.3 m wide x 10 m length. I used k-omega model in FLUENT but the results look inaccurate. I am checking my mesh again and found the wall y plus ranged from 0.1 to 0.9. I noted that the recommended values are from 30-300, but I have no idea about what modification is needed for the mesh - finer or coarser, etc. Can anyone advise how I could modify the mesh to adjust the wall y plus to such value ?

Many thanks!

cfd seeker May 19, 2011 03:00

k-w model is valid through out the boundary layer and hence it uses Near Wall Modelling approach.For Near Wall Modelling approach wall y+ has to b/w 1-5, which isnt in your mesh. So coursen your mesh a bit so that wall y+ came in b/w 1-5 and then find the results. Hope it works :)

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