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arunammanath February 22, 2011 08:10

Autodesk inventor to gambit problem
Hi all, i am trying to import a Submarine fairwater modelled on autodesk inventor to gambit to create the mesh, when i import the .stp file that i saved on autodesk inventor onto gambit it gives me an error saying units are in "mm or m" what sort of units do i need for this file to work on gambit.
Please let me know.

-mAx- February 23, 2011 02:26

Gambit doesn't have units-system.
If your are importing a brick 100mmx100mmx100mm, then you will have a brick with 100x100x100 in Gambit.
You will be able to scale your problem when you import your mesh into your solver

arunammanath February 23, 2011 06:07

But the translation error when i import the file from Autodesk inventor to gambit says "error input values mm", but never mind i did the pain staking task of creating the vertex's on gambit and then joining those to give me the same submarine sail :)

-mAx- February 23, 2011 06:24

Then it was an error regarding the step import

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