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coondason February 22, 2011 13:27

Importing Surfaces to Ansys

I've created a part in SolidWorks, and I would like to import it to the DesignModeler for Fluent Analysis.

The problem:
DesignModeler has an issue with surfaces and the whole body is a surface.

How do i fix this?

Thank you very much guys,
This Forum is awesome!

PSYMN February 23, 2011 10:20

Solidworks is capable of making a solid... But I have not used SW since 2008 and I am not enough of a Solidworks expert to tell you what you are doing wrong.

Once in DM, you can use the "Sew" tool to sew surfaces together into a Solid. It is probably not as good as figuring out your Solidworks issue, but it will get you going.

I am guessing that if your SW model is surfaces in SW, you could probably find an equivalent command to turn that into a solid.

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