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Will Anderson February 23, 2011 14:01

Prism meshes in 2D

I have a flat, 2D domain filled with triangle cells and I want to wrap one feature (a circle) with the equivalent of a prism layer.

Here's what I have now: a 2D tri mesh with a hole in it. The curve from which the prism layers should extend is the circle:

This prism layer (a surface, not a volume) should be contained in its own part. I would like for it to look like the following, which is a cut plane from a 3d mesh:

Can ICEM generate prism meshes based on curve parts?

If not, what could I do as a workaround?

Best Regards,

PSYMN February 24, 2011 12:58

Yes, under prism settings go into advanced options and turn on Blayer2D...

Then 2D will behave similar (but not exact) to 3D prism.

Will Anderson February 24, 2011 18:19

Thanks for the tip. I turned on the option of BLayer 2D, but the "compute mesh" option still renders me no prism layer.

I found another post in this forum in which the user created a prism layer by setting the parameters in Curve Mesh Setup (Height, Ratio and Layers), then I selected "remesh attached surfaces" and let that compute. This generated my desired prism meshing. However, the prism mesh cells are not in their own part as I would like to have them:

I understand that I need to have both a curve part and a surface part selected as prism mesh parts.

When I try to mesh with "BLayer 2D" on, and with the two prism parts selected (a curve entity and a surface entity) I receive the following mesh, which is not what I was hoping for. What other reasons could be preventing the prism mesh to be created?

Will the 2D prism mesh be created in a different part?
Will this 2D prism mesh be created in the part which I declare in the following field?
"Global Mesh Setup"->"Prism Meshing Parameters"->"Prism Element Part Controls"->"New Volume Part"

What are common errors preventing the creation of 2d boundary layers in 2d tet meshes in ICEM?


Originally Posted by PSYMN (Post 296786)
Yes, under prism settings go into advanced options and turn on Blayer2D...

Then 2D will behave similar (but not exact) to 3D prism.

PSYMN February 25, 2011 11:57

Perhaps it is not generating the prism because you do not have prism turned on for the circle part? Sorry, not sure where things went wrong...

If you liked the patch dependent mesh with the number of layers, height and ratio set, you can easily add the quads to a new part...

In the model tree, expand the "shells" branch. Turn off Tri's and leave on Quads. Turn off all other mesh types (lines and points) and turn off all the geometry (surfaces, curves, etc.) Then right click on Parts => Create New Part.

Type in the new name for that part (INFLATION or whatever) and box select the quads on the screen.

Now that they are in a new part, you will need line elements between the quads and tri's. Use the uncovered faces check with the FIX. It will ask you to select a new part. Type in the new name "INTERFACE", and it will create a new part and put line elements in that part to separate the two shell parts (quads from tris).

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