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Nick R February 24, 2011 08:17

generating new mesh when changing Angle of Attack

I've created a mesh in ICEM for a 3d wing at zero angle of attack in a square domain.

I'm going to simulate flow over the foil in a windtunnel so the top and bottom boundaries should be set as Wall in CFX but the problem is it seems like I'd have to generate a new mesh for every AOA. I thought changing the free stream velocity direction would help but it doesn't in this case because my top and bottom boundaries are Walls and the lift coefficient turns out much lower than expected. If this were in open space I would set the left and bottom as inlet and that would work fine but this is a wind tunnel-based simulation.

So my question is, is there a way I could rotate my wing in ICEM and still have the same blocking scheme generate a mesh for me? I don't want to construct blocks/associate etc every time I change AOA. Any other suggestion is highly appreciated.


PSYMN February 25, 2011 16:35

Yes, you can script it...
Blocking is persistent... You could just script it. Make a script that rotates the airfoil and associated blocking and then recomputes the mesh and outputs to the solver...

On the low end, this could just be a replay file you would run manually and change the angle each time.

But a more advanced user could create a loop with an indexing angle that would dump out a series of files pretty easily...

on the youtube ansysinc site, I put a 3 part movie about how to script this with replay. That method actually started from scratch with the script doing everything... But you could also use a smaller script just to handle rotation.

Nick R February 27, 2011 03:20

Excellent. Many thanks.

deltaa42 April 11, 2012 18:31

need help in changing angle of attack in ansys 13
how can i change angle of attack in ansys 13? Is is better to use ansys workbench or ansys multiphysics utility menu for simulation purpose? thanx for any help in advance.

PSYMN April 17, 2012 17:33

That depends on a lot of factors...

You can rotate portions of geometry in ICEM CFD (just use the geometry => Transformation commands...). If it doesn't change the topology too much, portions of the blocking can be rotated the same way and the mesh will interpolate between. Many users have created scripts that manage the update for them.

You could also use DM or some upstream CAD system to parametrically update the model...

But if you want to rotate the entire model (if you are just looking at just an airfoil), you could just adjust the angle of the flow instead of adjusting the mesh at all...

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