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HerrOlsson February 24, 2011 10:11

Problems with hexa mesh around wheel
Hi, I'm new to this so don't call me stupid just yet, please :)
As an assignment in uni I'm going to mesh a rotating wheel with hexa cells. I'm having some problems with the cells on the side of the wheel as shown in the pictures, with skewed cells.

Any suggestions will be greately appreciated!

PSYMN February 25, 2011 16:50

Cylinder, not sphere...
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Your problem is trying to map an HGrid block to a circle (the face of the wheel).

You need to move the HGrid further into the wheel and then split the surrounding OGrid so that the elements near the edge are alinged with the surface of the wheel and the transition between OGrid and HGrid happens further in where the HGrid is not forced open toward 180 degrees.

But more than that, you have tried to capture a cylinder with an Ogrid topology better suited to a sphere.

Here is a picture to illustrate what you should have done.

You don't absolutely need to have the OGrid pass all the way out the far field wall, but often it is easiest. Other users have it turn around a couple wheel diameters away from the vehicle toward the middle of the tunnel (sorry, I don't have a non-proprietary picture of that).

Anyway, this should get you going.

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