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Twix February 25, 2011 04:54

Problem with parallel edges in ICEM
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Dear all
I have a question. How can I change bunching on some edges shown bellow, because when I try to do that I can’t and get this message.

“User error: cannot reduce the number of intervals to less than 7 because of the number of blocks”

Another question. Is it possible to manually change/disable these edges marked with red in such a way that ICEM will not see them as parallel? In other words, the node number on the left on will be 2 and on the right one let’s say 4. However, the nodes number on edge 1 and edge 2 must be equal.

PSYMN February 26, 2011 07:36

Mapped blocks must have the same number of nodes on opposite sides by definition... If a mapped block is next to seven mapped blocks, then there are seven "implied splits" and the node count can't fall below the number of implied splits... I usually extend splits so these implied splits are visible and controllable, then I merge output blocks at the end...

The only way to have different node counts on opposite sides is to change the type of block to free or swept (instead of mapped). You can do this under Edit Block...

Twix February 28, 2011 02:44

Thank you for your reply Simon
I thought that it is impossible. I will try to extend splits as you suggest.

ananddarji November 21, 2015 09:30

How can i make an edge parallel to the curve ?
i have a curvature and i want to make an edge parallel to this curvature at some particular distance, how can i do this ?

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