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Rudysa2 February 28, 2011 02:49

Meshing a 3d VAWT
Hello, thank you for taking your time to read this. Please keep in mind I am new to Ansys.

We have an experimental set up of a wind turbine rotating a model VAWT.
I am attempting to model this on Ansys to help determine what models we would like to use next. I have currently created the geometry for a four bladed savonius turbine. In the image below the outer box is suppose to simulate the open atmosphere. The small rectangular box leading to the turbine is the wind tunnel. I have created a plane about halfway inside the wind tunnel box to simulate the actual distance from the wind turbine to the wind tunnel fan. This plane is to be the velocity inlet.

The geometry was made using workbench, I have access to solidworks which is likely what I will use for the next geometries. I run the mesher in Ansys and everything seems fine (it uses tetrahedrals on the turbine and quadrahedrals on the boxes). Now when I get to running fluent my problem is that there are only two boundary conditions, the interior solid and wall solid.

My question is how do I make the geomtries appear as boundary conditions? I want the outer box as the atmosphere conditions, the wind tunnel box to be a solid, the plane inside the wind tunnel box to be a velocity inlet, and the turbine itself to be a rotating solid. I have been told this will require a sliding mesh?

Thanks again for your time. Also if you have any links that will provide me help with the sliding mesh it would be much appreciated.

PSYMN February 28, 2011 23:57

Named Selections...
I get asked this a lot on CFD-Online...

I made this movie to help...

Best regards,


PSYMN February 28, 2011 23:58

But looking at your model, I wonder if you have a body for the fluid at all? If not, perhaps you should have created the far field box as a big solid rather than as a "thin solid"...

Oh well, you should be able to tell if your mesh is filling your fluid zone or not.

If not, look into enclosure or using solids instead of thin solids.

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