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jeevankumarb March 3, 2011 10:40

problem of Non-concidence mesh
Hello ALL,

I had a facing problem on tetra meshing,

I have created volume mesh for an aircraft (Icemcfd V11), since there were some geometry modifications on the fairing of the fuselage; I have created a box around this region so that for the next geometry I can only modify the mesh inside this region.

My first mesh is complete, now for the second mesh, I have deleted the volume cells inside this box and deleted the surface mesh on the surfaces where the modifications were done. Then form the existing surface mesh I have created the surface mesh for the specific part. But the problem it is creating non-coincidence mesh.

How can I avoid this problem? How can I generate coincidence mesh from the previous existing mesh for specific parts?

Hope I am clear to you

Thanks you

PSYMN March 4, 2011 09:47

Patch Independent => Respect Line Elements
Jeevan and I had a conversation on the side about this. I had found out that he was using patch independent tetra to mesh the new region, so I suggested that he use Edit Mesh => Repair => Mesh from edges to fix the problem.

I told him that the respect line elements was for Patch Dependent surface meshing only.

Jeevan found a beta option under the global shell meshing parameters for Patch Independent that let him set the "respect line elements" option and sort out his problem without any mesh editing.

I still haven't tried that option, so thanks to Jeevan for letting me know. Hopefully it helps some of you also.

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