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adam2008 March 5, 2011 00:08

how to accelerate graphic process in icem-cfd
I generated a huge number of elements in ICEM-CFD 12. Now it takes relatively long time to refresh the graph if I change views (rotate etc). Can I do something to make it quicker?

thanks a lot

PSYMN March 5, 2011 11:40

Update to 13.0... Some types of elements had their display sped up by 10 to 25 times...

PSYMN March 5, 2011 11:42

Also, why are you displaying all the elements...? Some new users have a bad habit of trying to display all the volume elements (maybe that is what you are doing). You should only display the volume elements when the cut plane is on. Other wise you can only see the outer surface anyway and should just be displaying the shells.

adam2008 March 5, 2011 16:30

thanks a lot. I actually only want to display the shell. The problem is, even with only displaying shell, the graphic refreshing is still slow due to large number of mesh. The tet mesh number is about 4 million nodes/20 million elements. I have a 1GB nvidia 3D card and computer is a 8CPU/24GB RAM workstation.But glad to know 13 version may have better performance. Meanwhile, can i do something in "setting" by adjusting numbers in speed/memory?

Thanks a lot for any advice.

PSYMN March 6, 2011 18:11

Use OpenGL Feedback
There are lots of settings for improving geometry performance (Such as "Auto Simplify"), but not mesh...

However, that would not be considered a large model. You should be able to spin that pretty easily... I can and I have a more than 3 year old Dell M4300 with only a single CPU and much less memory running 32 bit Win XP. I often go up to 10 or 12 million cells.

Have you turned on the Display setting for "Use OpenGL Feedback"?

l0ngj0hnz April 14, 2011 18:51

Hi Simon,

Would tweeking the numbers in Settings -> Memory have any effect on display performance. I am working with a 40 million cell mesh. How much RAM do you think will be sufficient to display this mesh efficiently. Thanks in advance.

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