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adam2008 March 5, 2011 09:40

ansys imports icem-cfd ansys mesh
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I generated a tets/prism mesh in ICEM-CFD. The number of mesh is about 3.6 million and the number of element is 20 million. It is a very large mesh due to its geometry.
Then I exported mesh as "structural solid linear 45" mesh for Ansys 11. However, when Ansys loaded the mesh, it always gave me the error as shown in attached and Ansys just stopped after a while due to too many the same errors. Interestingly, if I reduced the mesh to 1.4 million nodes/7.7 million elements, Ansys could successfully import the mesh and ran a structural simulation.

I suspect it is because the data is too large and data is kind of misformatted leading to reading-in errors. Can any ansys/icem-cfd experts give me some ideas how to solve it?

Thanks a lot!

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