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rohitjvbibin March 5, 2011 12:23

Not able to mesh a helix with boundary layer using gambit
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I have a model of a helix with rectangular crossection. I have applied boundary layer to the four required faces using the parameters below. After that i applied the edge mesh and face mesh. When applying the face mesh face 4 and 12 of the geometry contains 4 skewed elements. If i continue further I am sure to end up with a very bad mesh.
The parameters are:

SOFTWARE: Gambit 2.3.6

Boundary Layer
First Row: 0.001
Growth Factor: 1.2
Rows: 2
Depth: 0.0022
Internal Continuity: ON
Wedge Corner Shape: ON
Transition Pattern: 1:1
Faces: face 1,2,4 and 12

Interval Size: 0.5

Interval Size: 0.5

The file is located at

Kindly help me out with this project. I need it as soon as possible.

-mAx- March 8, 2011 08:27

*on faces 1 & 2, set all vertices as END (Mesh / face / Set Face Vertex Type )

* Splitting your domain into subdomains would help, and you could handle your geometry with hexa

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