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antallo March 5, 2011 18:04

non-conformal mesh ANSYS MESHING!!!
I have two bodies (fluid) that are adjacent.
1) When I insert the "form new part" command, I can create a conformal mesh between the two bodies, and the interfaces between them are shared. So when I import the ".msh" to fluent, it recognizes the interface like an interior surface.
2) Now I want to create a non-conformal mesh (so, I don't apply the "Form New Part" Command in Design Modeler). I apply the "named selection" on the interfaces between bodies (into Ansys Meshing), but when I import the ".msh" into fluent, I can't change the "named selection" from wall to interior.
Can you help me?

mystic_cfd March 7, 2011 08:57

Hi Antallo

i do not understand. if you want to create a non-conformal interface in Fluent, you cannot create an interior boundary. i may have misunderstood your explanation.

if you import the mesh into Fluent, you should have two wall boundaries (that you named in AMP) at the location where the interface is to be generated. change the walls to type "interface". then use the create mesh interface panel to connect the two (non-conformal) sides of the interface to one another.

hope this helps :)

dana August 3, 2011 14:30

nonconformal mesh interface
Hi Mystic CFD, you sound like you might be able to help me.

I created geometry in Gambit that consisted of about 12 different non-conformal mesh volumes. I linked all the interfaces, but when I go to define boundary conditions, new "wall" features have been created at all my interface boundaries. Do I also have to change these to interface? I feel like it's kind of redundant...

I believe I still have many other problems with my Fluent files, but I think I'll start here, if you have any advice it'd be greatly appreciated!

dana August 3, 2011 14:36

Also whenever I go to display these newly magically created "wall" features, I get the following error:

Note: zone-surface: cannot create surface from sliding interface zone. Creating empty surface.

The mesh is stationary, there shouldn't be any sliding interfaces..

Help please? :)

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