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nha1g08 March 8, 2011 10:42

Need help on meshing this simple geometry
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Can anyone help me on meshing the geometry given below.

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As you can see I want a flow to go through an inlet, and then go through a conical nozzle. I meshed it once but I get strange results, the flow goes through the walls of the conical nozzle, as shown in the next diagram

Attachment 6786

It shouldnt happen as i have set the Boundary Condition, for the nozzle wall to be a WALL.

Therefore it is a meshing problem.

Can someone tell me how to mesh this geometry correctly.


BrolY March 8, 2011 11:21

Which software do you use? And what is your solver?
Hexa or tetra?

I guess your geometry is a 2D one? So the conical nozzle is a 2D surface inside your 2D volume. You need to specify this when you create your mesh. And the way to specify it depends on the element type !

nha1g08 March 8, 2011 12:42

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I am using Gambit, and the solver is fluent. Im not sure what type of mesh i used before, i think it might have been tri or hex. Yes the geometry is 2d.

I have made the following geometry in gambit.

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But how do you specify element type, how do I make conical nozzle a 2d surface and the rest a 2d volume.

-mAx- March 9, 2011 03:13

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I don't think your problem is linked to element type, else you should have one error while exporting your mesh.
If you build your domain properly, and you don't specify any BC on the nozzle, Gambit will treat nozzle's edges (the 3 edges at the extremity) as interior ,since they are only splits.
As you did, you may enforce Gambit setting the 2 conicals as wall.
By clicking on Specify Color Mode icon (in Global control), your 3 edges have to be displayed as blue (meaning splits and connected)
If you still have problem, you may provide your dbs file for checking
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