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RGRUIZ March 8, 2011 22:44

Improve meshing non symmetrical airfoil
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Hi, I am trying to improve my mesh using GAMBIT (Basically because it is the mesh generator I have). I have seen mesh that are refined only on the airfoil, i would like to know how do the do it! because i have tried everything and i only got errors and a mesh so big that has so many elements that results impractical.

I attached some pictures so if you have any ideas it would be nice. I can use icem but i really donīt know how to use it.

I need a y+=1.

Itīs not a symmetrical airfoil, so i am stock and i do not know what yo do, any help would be nice

-mAx- March 9, 2011 03:25

If you want a refined mesh only on airfoil, then you need to mesh your domain with tri (or quad-pave) with a size function.
y+ will be managed with a Boundary Layer.

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