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EphemeralMemory March 8, 2011 22:47

Importing Gambit .dbs to Ansys 13
Hey, all, I want to import a .dbs Gambit file to Ansys.

I heard that this was not possible in the old Ansys 12.1, but possible in 13. I have fiddled around for a bit, but cannot find the command in Ansys ICEM CFD.

Care to help?

Thanks for reading this.

PSYMN March 9, 2011 13:34

File => Workbench Readers
Are you trying to get it into ANSYS Meshing or ICEM CFD?

Since you said ICEM CFD...

File => Workbench Readers.

In the browse, you can change the filter to capture files of this type.

Note that it looks into the acis kernel of the Gambit file and brings the real geometry, but it doe not bring in any virtual stuff...

EphemeralMemory March 9, 2011 13:37

Thank you foryour response, I got it to work perfectly.

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