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eeesprit March 9, 2011 15:12

Procedure : how to mesh correctly two semicircles in an air flow ?
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Good evening everyone,

I have - i think - a simple question for you, skilled users of Icem CFD !

Few weeks ago, i tried (unsuccessfully) to mesh a Venturi-tube inside a sphere... Actually, i generated a good-looking mesh, but unfortunately and because of errors it was impossible to read it with Fluent.

This errors certainly result because of my poor knowledge of this software, there were some things that i was doing wrong.

So now, i would like to begin with the beginning and i'm asking you a favor :
how to mesh this (PB1.png) ?
what is the procedure to do this and make it works on Fluent ?

I tried many times, but i'm sure i didn't use the good "procedure" because there are always problems with boundary conditions (on Fluent) even if i setted it correctly on Icem.

My procedure :


1. I draw a point (using coordinates) in each corner on the domain, and then also 3 points for each semicircle.

2. I draw curves between this points (AB, BI, IJ, JA + CE, FH and curves using three points to draw the circles CDE, FGH) + the blue points to be able to set 3 surfaces of fluid (named, for example "AIR") including not the semicircles of course (you can see these points on PB3.png)
But i think that the "blue points" are useless and make the problem more complicated...

Is it possible to define the surface of fluid without these blue points ? (maybe using the tools "Surface > Segment/Trim Surfaces" or "Surfaces > Standard Shapes > Drill a Hole" ? But i don"t know how to use these tools...)

I hope i was clear in my explanations, and i hope that some of you would be able to help me :)

Thanks !



eeesprit March 11, 2011 05:46

No one can help a newbie like me ?? :rolleyes:

PSYMN April 10, 2011 15:14

Yes, the blue points are not necessary...
But I am not really sure what the problem is... It should be fine either way...

You have not given us any info about what type of mesh you generated or what sort of error messages you got. It is tough to help without any real info about what isn't working for you.

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