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dfitz1000 March 9, 2011 16:10

Prism layer to capture the Boundary Layer
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Hi, I've been following a tutorial of a wingbody that shows how to add a layer of prism elements around a body.

I have followed the tutorial but it seems to be adding the layer of elements on the inside of my wing rather than the outside. Is there any way to change the side of the surface that the elements are added to?

I have attached some pictures of what is happening and what it should look like.

Edit: Should have said I'm using ICEM.

BrolY March 10, 2011 04:34

Have you planned to study the flow around the wingbody?
If yes, I'm not sure you need cells inside the wingbody. So you could delete them, and the prisms would be in the good part.

Anyway, when you create prisms, you can choose in which part the prisms will be (Mesh -> Compute Mesh -> Prism Mesh : select part for prism mesh).

Good luck ;)

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