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fek66 March 23, 2011 06:26

query for help
I am using ICEM CFD 11. after making a geometry and seting up parts ( inlet,outlet, ...) and meshing succefully then I extruded the 2D mesh to import it in CFX PRE . All seems right but I lost parts ( inlet,outlet ...) when I was seting up Boundary conditions in CFX PRE. so whet's the problem please.
If any one can help.

alastormoody11 March 24, 2011 05:37

Firstly in the export section of ICEM-CFD there are options where you specify the nature of bcs such as inlet for velocity inlet.

This is the proper way of preprocessing the mesh in ICem

In all probablity the problem lies in what you are doing in CFX.

If you have done the preprocessing as stated above the parts should appear once you say inlet, the inlet will be selected by default.

PSYMN March 24, 2011 17:31

In 2D, did you have lines in the parts (INLET, OUTLET, etc.)?

When you extruded 2D to 3D, those lines should have become shells... You need to use the inherited option rather than naming these side parts as something specific...

I usually set inherited for the sides, but name the top (Side2) and Volume (FLUID).

fek66 March 25, 2011 18:19

thank you simon

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