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Husein March 25, 2011 18:56

Ramjet inlet meshing problem
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Im quite new to ICEM, I am working on a project to design a ramjet inlet and I have created the geometry in catia and had no problems importing it in ICEM , but when I give the global mesh parameters, curve mesh par, part mesh setup, and say compute the mesh goes on to 10,000,000 tetrahedrals and the computer hangs, what maybe the problem and possible solutions. Please help

PSYMN March 26, 2011 21:38

You problem is that somewhere in your model you have a tiny size mesh parameter relative to the size of your model.

Measure your model (use the measure tool in the utilities icons, 2nd row, 3rd icon, it may be under a pulldown icon), so you know how big it is... Maybe you think it is in meters, but it is in mm.

Then check your mesh sizes... Check your global min and max, check sizes on curves and surfaces... If you haven't spent too much time setting things up yet, just go to params by parts and put in new sizes that will over ride everything...

Basically, make sure that your sizes are appropriate.

If you think it all looks good, and doesn't need adjusting, then increase your scale factor (mesh => Global Params) by a factor of 10 and mesh again.

Husein March 27, 2011 03:02

Thank you so much, you are a saviour

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