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erhan61 March 29, 2011 04:18

Domain size icem cfd block mesh
ı wanna do block mesh with icem cfd . For example ı did 3-d rectangular volume model. When ı put the fit window command domain size for example min:0,0,0 max:0,20,20 but when ı create block mesh, domain size shows min:0,0,-2.567e-10 max:0,20,20 why? how can ı fix this can ı do that this value also is zero?

BrolY March 29, 2011 09:39

It's not a problem at all. A value of -2.567e-10 is so small, that it won't change anything. It depends on the tolerance ICEM has.

Also, keep in mind that you are going to mesh your domain, and if your geometry is not perfect, it's not an issue until your smallest mesh elements size is bigger than your biggest "geometric" gap size.

An example: if you can mesure a gap of 0.00001 meter between two surfaces of your geometry, and if your smallest elements size is 0.1 meter, it would not be an issue. The mesh won't "see" the gap because it's so small compared to your smallest elements.

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