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chires March 29, 2011 15:29

Thin Channel Meshing in DM
I'm very new to the DesignModeler environment and my geometry has of channels with high aspect ratio dimensions (.125mm x 30mm x 100mm). I've sliced my geometry into several bodies to make many areas sweepable and would like to keep my elements hexagonal. I've run into 3 problem scenarios...

1) I combine all bodies as a multibody part in which all meshing I do remains conformal between them. However, I can't seem to create multiple divisions in the mesh for the .125mm thickness direction. It’s always one element thick and I'd like at least 10 divisions bias away from the center. The inflation tool also seems to be disabled if I apply any method to the different bodies.

2) I do not combine all the slices as a multibody and leave all parts separate in which the 'Thin sweep' method allows me to sweep each body with the divisions I want (although the bias part is disabled). However, the mesh between each is not conformal and when I import this to FLUENT the model diverges horribly. I think there is something I need to do make FLUENT realize it is all one continuous part.

3) In my last attempt I suppressed all but a single body at a time when meshing (which now allows me the bias option in the 'thin sweep' method), created the detailed mesh I wanted and saved each one to an .msh file. I then started over and created a very general mesh using all the bodies combined as a multibody once again and imported that in to FLUENT. Within FLUENT I tried to manually use the ‘replace mesh’ function referencing each .msh file I had created…...resulting model also failed.

Words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!!!

vamglll March 29, 2011 18:51

My solution is: Change to GAMBIT. DM sucks

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