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ckbenjamin March 31, 2011 03:58

[DesignModeller]Patterning with zero spacing
I tried to imprint a square on solid block and patterning the face 10 times into the x-direction.
However, it does not allow me to have a zero spacing between each imprint. The spacing causes lots of meshing problems thereafter.
Is it possible to pattern without this spacing? Or can other Ansys-friendly CAD software able to do this?

PSYMN April 2, 2011 10:18

A zero pattern doesn't make any sense... that would just copy over its self.

The spacing is center to center, not the gap between...

If you mean the squares should be right next to each other (zero gap) then the spacing should be the same as the edge size of the square or the distance between centers...

ckbenjamin April 3, 2011 09:16

Yes i meant zero spacing. DM doesn't allow that. Have you tried?

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