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JOKER April 2, 2011 15:04

Hexa meshing of aircraft
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Hello, I have been trying to make a CH-TOPO grid around drag prediction model (For practice i have added the Vertical Tail:)).

I have Few simple questions:

1) How to improve the shape of free edges, whether link edges to far field edges or using spline, because these edges don't always get proper shape.. i mean why they dont always get shape from parallel edges (FiG.1)

2) What is best way to add an O-grid, specially when there are blocks around target block. At Vertical tail i want to get O-grid attached to trailing edge only but unable to do it by only specifying that edge (Fig.2)

3) Can somebody can get visual on pre-mesh within a single block

Thanks to ANSYS team there mesh helped me a lot:)

JOKER April 3, 2011 09:34

somebody tells me where is the option of unit system settings and default units in ICEM CFD

PSYMN April 4, 2011 13:41

1) I use different methods for different situations... Link shape is usefull if you have something handy to link with. In some rare cases, i have actually created "construction" curves and associated my edges with those.

2) Not sure what you are asking... Ogrids within a block are possible, but CGRIds, etc. must pass thru neighboring blocks until they leave the domain... Selecting a face on a block really just selects the block on the other side and allows the Ogrid to pass thru.

3) You can limit the block display with index control. This affects premesh. You can also reduce the number of active parts, etc. In general, you should limit your displayed entities to no more than you need to see or operate on, other wise it can become visually difficult, especially for new users.

4) ICEM CFD is unitless. If your original model was in meters, then it is meters, if it was inches, then it is inches. You must be careful to know what the units are so you can properly setup your solver. If you don't like your current units, just scale the model. For instance scaling by 25.4 would convert from inches to mm.


JOKER April 19, 2011 13:24

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Hy everyone! I have completed the mesh of this model (without V-tail), but when I have exported it to the Fluent it has not been read by the solver with Message of "NO CELL IN CASE FILE"

At this Form reason of this error is said to be the wrong or no association of the edges to the curve. After spending much time I did not found any of such edge.

Finally I decided to take help of u I m uploading my blocking and picture of the curves in the model (there is no new curve on the aircraft so one can consult the standard geometry) please let me know if there is some anomaly..:o

PSYMN April 21, 2011 11:52

If you also attach your tetin file (that goes with this blocking), I can take a look this evening.

JOKER April 21, 2011 14:18

My .tin is 20MB I cant upload it:confused:

dhananjay1287 May 26, 2011 03:33

Without *.tin file *.blk is worthless. U have to post it.
u can use rapidshare and post link on cfd-online.

PSYMN May 27, 2011 22:20

Tetin files are ASCII, so they zip up really well. Try that, but it will still probably be too big to post on CFD online... So rapid share or something is probably a good idea.

You may also have ended up with a file full of junk... Under Edit (I think) you will find an option to "clean" the tetin file... This cleans out comment lines, etc. that can build up over time.

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