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sa23987 April 4, 2011 12:26

rotating mesh help
i was designing a 2D model of a windturbine blades on work bench,and in order to get results for the wind pressure, the torque and ..., i need to have rotating meshes, but i cant do it, and since i'm using workbench only none of the tutorials are helpful, i was wondering if anyone knows how to do this?

thanks in advance

PSYMN April 5, 2011 20:53

Model the rotating portion as a separate part (not part of the multi-body part)... It will be meshed separately (all at once, but not conformal). You can also apply a different named selection to that volume so that when you get to Fluent you can easily select it and setup the rotation...

The mesh is always static in the mesher, you just need to be able to select the rotating zone and it needs to be fully surrounded by faces (shells) to support the rotating boundary condition... The rest is done in the solver.

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