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Rickard.Solsjo April 8, 2011 08:06

Selecting internal field for naming
Hi all!
Basically what I have is a thick pizza slice ( actually its and engine slice but pizza is easier).
I have different names of all of the patches; side, top, botttom etc...
What I want to do is to select some of the internal cells within the "pizza" and give these volume a name, like "bottompartPizza", centralpartPizza" and "headpartPizza".
Is this possible for a given mesh implemented in a .msh format. The cells is both hexaedral and tetrahedral.

PSYMN April 9, 2011 10:32

yes, you can do it lots of ways...

Are the internal parts separated? We could use flood fill?

Are they within a specific region (that you could descrive with coordinates), if so, you could create a mesh subset by region and then right click on parts => Create Part and add the elements in the subset to the new part.

You could also just select interactively with New Part or Add to Part...

Rickard.Solsjo April 11, 2011 11:16

Thank you for the reply Simon.
All of the parts are connected with each other, there are no holes etc..
About these subsets, can I define a part of the volume and name these cells to something and then they will still be a part of the internal parts and exist in the output .msh file?

PSYMN April 11, 2011 15:34

Subsets are really just for selection convenience... They don't break up the model for output... However, if you do create a subset, you can easily put all its components into a part so that it will be broken out for the output file.

Rickard.Solsjo April 12, 2011 04:32

I managed to create subsets in the specified region of interest, however even if I name them differently, they are just put together in a default_interior output in the .msh file.
Is this solved with what you meant by breaking up and adding to parts.


PSYMN April 12, 2011 09:48

Right, so now that you have the subsets,

Right click on Parts => Create new part. In the selection tool bar you can select your subsets by name.

Make sure your subset only includes volume elements before you do this. You can by right clicking on the subset and choosing remove... In the selection toolbar turn off the volume cell selection and box select the subset to strip the shells, lines and points off it...

Rickard.Solsjo April 13, 2011 03:03

I appreciate all the help but the adding of subsets does not seem to work.
When I select createPart there are no subsets in the list so I have to choose select from Screen. However, even if I do this, the subsets are not added into my list of parts


PSYMN April 13, 2011 11:47

Perhaps it was looking for geometry subsets...

When you go to select, does it say "select elements" or "select entities"?

If it says "select entities", it is looking for geometry. Either turn off your geometry and try again or use the last icon in the tool bar to switch to mesh selection.

Then use the icon that looks like a ven diagram to select subsets. This will present you with a list of mesh subsets you can select for the operation...

In this case, the operation will be to add those to a new or existing volume part...

Best regards,


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