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cbisw April 14, 2011 03:24

Geometry healing

ICEM CFD 13.0 gives me the option to attempt healing on an IGES geometry that I import. Is there any way to check if any healing was actually performed? The .tin files I get are slightly different in size (283.286 bytes without vs 283.280 bytes with healing) but have the same number of surfaces, curves, prescribed points and parts. The log of the import process unfortunately doesn't say anything about whether healing was applied.

PSYMN April 16, 2011 11:22

Healing is for connectivity...
Good question...

Healing shouldn't add or remove entities, it should connect them better.

You would need to check the model connectivity in ICEM CFD.

Even then, you would only tell if the healing made enough difference to improve the connectivity.

I just leave it on and just assume it is better than with it off.

However, I also try not to use IGES. It is pretty much the worst format out there (Step is second worst). ACIS is much better. Direct CAD readers are the best.

Best regards,


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