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happysimulant April 18, 2011 04:01

`reaction´ problems with 64 bit Gambit
I have installed Gambit 2.4.6 and Exceed2006 64 bit on my new Computer ( Windows 7 - 64 bit ).
It works, i can creat volumes, mesh and export everything, but i have the problem that if i press any button ( even save, or export) the reaction is delayed for some parts of seconds ( did not have the problem with 32 bit on my old computer before). That sucks if you are used to work fast.
Does anyone have an idea whats the problem?
Thanks for any help

pri979 September 16, 2011 05:05

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me and let me know how I can get gambit running on my 64 bit pc. I know that it's possible since everyone does it, but I just don't know how. Thank you

happysimulant September 16, 2011 05:14

Installing Gambit 64bit is ( as far as i know because i am not allowed to install it by myself ) the same as 32bit but you need the 64bit version of Gambit AND EXCEED.

If you get it, please tell me if your Gambit is reacting as fast as the 32bit does.

pri979 September 16, 2011 11:19

I know that the exceed needs to be changed, that automatically helps with the display in Gambit. Can you please help me know where i can find the 64 bit version of exceed

happysimulant September 19, 2011 03:25

When we started with FLUENT it was possible to download all the versions from the homepage. I don´t know how it is in the moment - i have very strikt limitations using the Internet to download something.

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