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Araz April 25, 2011 00:22

Node Number vs. Node_ID & ICEM vs. CFX
Dear all,

I have used ICEM for meshing a compressor blade, in the display tree when you righ click on Mesh icon, you can find the node numbers,
my fisrt question is that, is this the same as node_id? I mean, does ICEM recognize the nodes by their assigned numbers?
My 2nd and more important question is:
I saved my mesh as a "cfx5" file to be used in CFX. I also checked the node numbers of the exported mesh file (cfx5 file) and the numbers are still the same as before. However, in CFX I tried everything to find the node_ids and check whether CFX recognizes the nodes with the same numbers as defined in ICEM or the IDs ( or numbers) have been changed after the mesh being imported into CFX, but I couldn't find any useful information in CFX. This is of crucial importance for me since I want to move the nodes in CFX and for this purpose I will need the node_ids.
Does anyone know that if importing mesh file from ICEM to CFX will change the IDs or not? if yes, Could you please show me a way to find the IDs in CFX?
Thanks in advance. :)


PSYMN April 25, 2011 11:03

Yes, there is some renumbering that may go on during output... To do this while still in ICEM CFD, wait till you are no longer changing your number of nodes and then go into edit mesh to renumber you nodes. Then find the node numbers you want and they will be more likely to remain constant.

I don't know CFX well enough to answer your second question.

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