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icemaniac178 April 25, 2011 03:15

refining mesh near wall
i`m try to simulate an external flow over 3D wing. Currently i`m using the ansys meshing tool to develop my tetrahedral unstructured mesh all over my complex 3D wing because it is seems so powerful tools in generating the unstructured tetra mesh in a very short time. In order to use the SST equation to predict more accurate turbulence model, i need to refine the mesh near my wing surface (model as no slipped wall) . i try to used the inflation layer on my wing surface, however the inflation layer contributed into high skewness on my meshing quality. My questions are:

1) should i ignore the low quality of skewness due to my inflation layer?
2) how should i improved this low quality mesh of inflation layer?
3) i used the advance sizing function of proximity and curvature method in my mesh. but it seems not producing any refinement near my wing surface. are there any other technique in order to refine the mesh near my wing surface?

CFD2016 June 1, 2016 02:48


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