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Procyon April 30, 2011 07:55

Rotational periodicy setup
Heyho everyone,

this might be a stupid question but I have no success in setting up a preiodicy. Even a very simple test case does not work:

  1. I created an empty project
  2. Geometry, create points:
    for the rotational axis (X)
    0, 0, 0
    200, 0, 0

    for the first rotational periodicy surface (from axis to Y)
    0, 100, 0
    200, 100, 0

    for the second rotational periodicy surface (from axis to Z)
    0, 0, 100
    200, 0, 100
  3. Geometry, create curves: one axis curve, two parallel to the axis curve (moved to Y and Z, respectively), two arcs, 4 from axis start/end to the parallel curves
  4. Geometry, create surfaces: one inlet, one outlet, one wall, two periodic surfaces (just a quarter of a pipe ...)
  5. Build diagnostic topology with inherit part turned on, method: all parts
    24 vertices merged, merge tol = 0.100000
    0 curves concatenated
    0 curves merged
    0 points created intersecting curves
    0 edges concatenated
    0 surfaces merged
  6. define rotational periodicity:
    user defined by angle
    base: 0 0 0
    axis: 1 0 0 ( in x direction)
    angle: 90 (unit is degrees?)
  7. compute surface mesh with autosizing
  8. edit mesh / check mesh
    only periodic problems checked
    elements to check: all
    Output: There is no periodicity defined in the mesh
What have I done wrong? The same happens if I create a material point in the volume.

Please don't tell me to "read the help/do the tutorials". I read the help, and I will read it again if you point me to the right help page. I have only found two ICEM tutorials in the Ansys customer center, but they don't address my problems.

In this thread: I read that the periodic faces have to be in the same part, but this is true for my test case.


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