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Mazze[ITA] May 1, 2011 14:06

Ortho smoothing problem
Hi all, I'm working on a turbine blade simulation and I found some problems achieving convergence. I decided to smooth the mesh (hexa multi-block structured), but the pre-mesh orthogonality smoothing freezing the fluid parts (boundaries) caused negative volumes. So I tried a compromise solution freezing each part (solid and fluid) with the respective first layer, reaching the result of a smoothed mesh with zero n.v. (except for the superficial mesh and the first layer, obviously). The main problem is the uncontrolled ratio between the first frozen layer and the second smoothed one.
Does anyone know a way to smooth the mesh controlling the ratio of the first layers (the shear layer)?

Mazze[ITA] May 3, 2011 02:17

I didn't find the right solution, but I controlled the problem freezing about 20 layers on the surface of the blade. The high ratio is still there, but further from surface.

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