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germangsilva May 4, 2011 16:08

tube with 45 degree inlet
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hello all,

I made ​​the mesh for this geometry, but I am getting negative values ​​of angle and determinant :confused:.
1 - I created a block to the main cylinder, then made ​​two cuts near the side inlet, I associate the edges with the inlet and outlet tube
2 - I extruded the block side entrance with a line and point and extruding block association with inlet inclined at 45 degrees.
3 - I drew the Ogrid at the entrance angle to the opposite wall of the tube (diameter) and another ogrid along the main pipe. For the main Ogrid, I chose the inner block crossing between the two Ogrid.
4 - I realize the division of volumes in the edges.

how do I make the distribution of blocks? , which would be the best topology?

Best regards.

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faee0 May 6, 2011 07:30

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maybe you can split block like this.

saisanthoshm88 May 6, 2011 08:23

Hi hook,

Can you please upload your block file here.

germangsilva May 6, 2011 11:52

Hi hook,

thank you very much for your time and response. I want to understand what you make. :)
You made ​​three splits at the side entrance, associated with the two semi-ovals in different blocks. Ogrig Fianalmente you defined with the demi-oval block smaller.

Could you upload the archibo block?

Thanks in advance;);)

saisanthoshm88 May 9, 2011 04:01

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Hi germang,

The curve at the side entrance is better captured with an additional split there ( Look into the image sideentrance.jpg) and then you dont need to have two seperate O- grids ( As said in your 3rd step). Select all the blocks and the faces through which the O- grid has to pass ( Look into the image FacesforO-grid.jpg).

Before making the O- grids go to edit associations and snap project all the vertices .When you're done with the O- grids adjust some inner O-grid vertices where ever required. This will yield you a better mesh and shall eliminate the negative quality elements. pre mesh smoothing can improve the quality further.

Hope this helps!

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