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user0314 May 10, 2011 16:24

How to define multiple fluid regions in icem

I am trying to use icem to mesh my geometry. The geometry consists of three regions: an open region, a porous region, and another open region.

In step-by-step, what do I do in icem in order so that when I import the mesh, all three regions are recognized as distinct zones so I can define them as open or porous in fluent?


CapSizer May 11, 2011 02:55

If you are using Icem Hexa, put the blocks contained in the three zones in separate families. If you are using Icem tetra, make sure all three zones are "water tight", and put a uniquely named material point in each one.

user0314 May 11, 2011 10:07

Thanks for your response.

I am using ICEM hexa. Where is the button to put the blocks in the zones into different families? I looked through all the buttons and can't find that particular one.

This is what I did, and I'm not sure if it's correct. I first created different surfaces for each region. Then, I blocked each surface individually. After I blocked each surface, I manipulated the pre-mesh to my liking, then converted to unstructured mesh. I then moved onto mesh another block. There are several problems with what I did. First, I don't think that the zones are connected. This appears to be the case when I import the mesh into fluent. is there a way to connect the blocks?

Second, I can't manipulate the pre-mesh for each block simultaneously, since I have already converted to unstructured mesh for each block before I move onto another.


CapSizer May 11, 2011 10:24

Well, there are always many ways to do these things, but it would probably be more effective to start with one big block, and subdivide it up to fit your various zones. This way connectivity is guaranteed. You move blocks to new families by right clicking on the family in the parts list, and selecting "Add to part".

user0314 May 11, 2011 10:36

Thanks again for your response.

I don't see anything with the word 'family' in the parts list. I'm using ICEM cfd 12. I tried right clicking on 'Parts', then 'Create Part', then selecting the surface of the different zones. When I import the mesh into fluent, the different zones don't appear so I can set a zone as porous and another as open etc.

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