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vinc May 19, 2011 16:14

Merge 2 unstructured meshes
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I use ICEM CFD v12.1. My geometry is very simple. As you see on the attached figure, I have two cubes sharing a common interface. The mesh inside the buttom cube was created with octree method. The mesh inside the top cube was created with blocking method, but I created only penta elements inside this blocking. At the commun interface between the two cubes, the mesh is perfectly connected node to node. I converted the mesh inside the top block in unstructured mesh. So I have two unstructured meshes sharing a commun interface and at the interface the two meshes are connected node to node.

After that, I check the mesh with check mesh tool in ICEM and it says: 656 problems were found for Penetrating elements.

How do I successfully merge the two meshes???

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