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Maweil May 20, 2011 10:48

Script: problems with face names
I'm building an iteration loop where ICEM script is called to mesh my geometry.
The geometry is generated in Catia using a VBA script and the resulting geometry always have a similar topology (the face, curve and point count are always the same). Then, the geometry is exported as an IGES file (a clean solid shell) to ICEM. My problem is that between iterations, the surfaces, curves and points naming in ICEM are (sometime) different which crash my script. I'm using refinement applied to surfaces and these surfaces name (in the " F_### " form) appear in my script, when face name change it crash.

I'm currently trying to find and testing solutions to either fix the topology name or to bypass the problem in my script.

I'd like your suggestion about this problem, if you already encountered it and if there is known or possible solutions.

Tanks You,
Martin Weil Brenner

basti October 13, 2011 04:46

problems with curve names
Hello Martin,

I do a similar work. My task is to write a script wich automates loading geometrie (IGES-File), blocking, refining and after all saving the mesh. It should work for geometries that are slightly different. The problem is, that ICEM is renaming the curves any time I run the script (and thus loading the new geometry), so the script canīt be completed.

I read that you had the same problems with surface-names. Do you meanwhile have an solution to deal with that problems in the script?

Thank you

Maweil October 25, 2011 21:32

Actually the problem is the same for surface/curve/point.
I solved my problem using a software called CAPRI which is a "gateway" to Catia. It is then possible to convert a .CATpart to .tin and surface/curve/point name are static if topology remain the same. If part size change but CATIA tree remain the same it work very well. Using this software I also created a script which modify parameters value and regenerate the part. The software is distributed by


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